Friday, February 4, 2011

Haha well I guess it's been awhile since I last updated how we are doing! Well we are just LOVING Rexburg this week! On Wednesday it was -21 degrees with a wind chill of like -30! BRR! It was soo cold and miserable walking between buildings for class! People were coming to class with little icicles stuck to their eyelashes! Too bad there isn't some rule about canceling class for college students huh? Good thing Josh and I drive to school everyday and don't have to walk to far to our first class! All I can say is I am SOOO ready for summer! I'm so ready for shorts, swimming, dirt biking, camping, and flip flops!! :) Josh absolutely hates the idea of me wearing my flip flops all summer because it callouses my heels so bad. He even threatens to hide them or throw them away but I just told he'd waste more money doing that because I would have to just go replace them! Yeah that solved that little issue real quick! Soo needless to say I will be enjoying another summer with most favortie type of shoe every invented! :) We also have learned this past week though that in a game called "Ticket to Ride" we both get very intense during. We have played almost everynight this week and it has been crazy how intense we can both get but it is so much fun! Well we don't have much exciting news happening in our life right now we are just staying super busy in school and absolutely LOVING married life!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Starting A New Blog!

Well for our wedding present Kody and Liss gave us a fun little treasure chest box with lots and lots of date ideas rolled up and tied with a ribbon in it! At the beginning of the year we decided to set a goal to set a night aside every week for just us so that we could do something fun together so Kody and Liss's present went along perfect with this! So thanks Kody and Liss!! We love you! Well if you couldn't guess making a blog was the first date that we pulled out of the box so here we sit writing to you about our lives! Josh is quite thrilled about it he is just loving every minute of this one! ;)

Well we have been married for 2 weeks and 2 days now! We absolutely love married life! For those that don't know we were married in the Idaho Falls Temple on December 28, 2010! We went to Park City and Salt Lake for our honeymoon! We had so much fun! It was very nice to go and relax and enjoy seeing the different church buildings in Salt Lake! We went to the church history museum (we learned lots of cool new things too! We highly recommend if you have never been!) we also went to the visitors center and to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session! That was very exciting! and we very highly recommend that one also for all of you who have never had that experience yet! Well we are now back to the real world and we are living in Rexburg, Idaho (coldest place on Earth as some people call it!) We are both going to school. Josh is going to graduate this April from BYU-I with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and than going to grad school to become a P.A. which speaking of grad school we just found out last night that he was accepted into ISU! We are very excited about that! As for my schooling, my major was originally Early Childhood/Special Education. Now that I am married though and will most likely have to transfer my credits I had to change my major to General Studies so that in July I can graduate with my Associates Degree. We are both enjoying our semester this year but we are looking forward to graduating!